Welcome to Watercolor Foundations!

Meet Ingrid, take a sneak peek of the space where the workshops are hosted, and learn more about what to expect from her classes.


Conoce a Ingrid, echa un vistazo al espacio donde se filman las clases y obten más información sobre qué esperar de estas clases.


Watercolor Foundations is made up of three master classes named after three main art supplies: Paper, Brushes & Color.

For the more experienced students or those that have taken the master classes, shorter online workshops are now available with one technique and project in mind.

The 'Master Classes' are based on Ingrid's theory that to paint with freedom and confidence, first you need to understand your supplies. Knowing what to expect is key for Ingrid and, for this reason, each master class begins with a deep explanation about each art supply. You will learn about her favorite brands, where to buy, how to store, use and prepare them to get the best results.

Each master class is also conformed of several demos where you can see Ingrid in action, painting and describing her entire process. Every demo is packed with important information and tips, including gathering inspiration, your posture when painting, organizing your space, and more.

Please read the description of each master class to know exactly what is covered. These classes can be taken individually, but note that they complement each other, and it is advisable to take them in the following order: Paper, Brushes, Color.


Las 3 clases magistrales se basan en la teoría de Ingrid de que para pintar con libertad y confianza, primero se deben comprender los materiales. Saber qué esperar de ellos es clave para Ingrid y, por eso, cada clase magistral comienza con una explicación profunda sobre cada material. Aprenderás sobre las marcas favoritas de Ingrid, en dónde comprarlas, cómo almacenarlas, usarlas y prepararlas para obtener los mejores resultados.

Cada clase está conformada por varias demostraciones en donde puedes ver a Ingrid en acción, pintando y describiendo todo su proceso. Cada demostración está repleta de información y consejos importantes, la inspiración, la importancia de la postura al pintar, la organización del espacio y más.

Mira el primer video en 'About & Course Summary' en el currículum de cada clase magistral para saber exactamente qué se cubre. Estas clases se pueden tomar individualmente, pero ten en cuenta que se complementan entre sí, y es recomendable tomarlas en el siguiente orden: Papel, Pinceles, Color.

Artist Ingrid Sanchez (CreativeIngrid) in her studio, where she films her watercolor online classes.

About your teacher

Ingrid Sanchez, also known as CreativeIngrid is a Mexican-British watercolor artist, designer, author and teacher based in London, U.K.

She is known for her colorful watercolors inspired by nature, as well as her vibrant and energetic brushstrokes. Her favorite themes include flowers, moons and the sea. Ingrid has being leading creative workshops for over 7 years in different parts of the world, including Barcelona, New York, Amsterdam and London.

Through commercial and licensing projects, her brand 'CreativeIngrid' can be found worldwide on a variety of products like art prints, stationery and home decor accessories . Her first solo book 'DIY Watercolor Christmas' was published in 2021.

For more information, please visit www.ingridsanchez.com

'My teaching style is not a step by step practice. I prefer to delve deep into the possibilities that watercolors offer, the correct use of art supplies, explaining my personal approach. My goal is to help my students paint with more confidence, so that with practice they can develop their own style and find their unique artistic voice.' - Ingrid.